What is a Scandinavian interior?

What is a Scandinavian interior?

A Scandinavian interior is characterized by the simple, functional and warm decorative style, in which shades of white, neutral colors and natural woods are used. Simple lines are combined with a clean and fresh look to create a cozy and light interior . Clean, tranquility, simplicity and functionality are the keywords of this style.

Because the winters in Scandinavia are very long and dark, the interior is often light to keep the spaces as bright as possible. In addition to white, soft, natural tones are mainly used, such as light gray or soft pink.

You hardly ever see a carpet on the floor, rather a robust floor is chosen. With a rug or, for example, a sheepskin.

Wood is really indispensable. Wood on the floor, wooden walls, on the ceiling, the kitchen, furniture and also the accessories. You can find it everywhere in a Scandinavian interior . You can use any kind of wood. But for a truly Scandinavian look, it is best to use beech, ash or birch wood. If you already have a lot of wood of a different type at home, you can also choose to paint it white, for example.

In terms of accessories, it is quiet. Less is more applies here too. Keep it clean and simple. Do you have 1 bare wall? No problem, fits perfectly into the overall picture. A lot of greenery is used. Green as in plants. This gives the rooms a lot of color. Plants also purify the air. So that's just a big plus.

In addition to wood, you also see a lot of wool and reed in a Scandinavian interior . Wool in accessories such as pillows and plaids. But also, for example, wicker storage baskets or something nice for on the wall. In calm and light colours.

Scandinavian style accessories. Pink and gray pillow. Lantern made of brown and white wood. White set of wax holders on a tray.

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