Types of trays and what they are used for

Types of trays and what they are used for.

There are so many different types of trays and you can use them in multiple ways.

Trays in all shapes, sizes and shapes. You can find them at Lirefi Living! Are you going for a sturdy wooden tray with an industrial look or a round metal tray for a vintage look? Whatever you choose Lirefi Living has it! View our range of trays and nice accessories.

Trays , also called platforms, were invented and made in the distant past to transport things. They are indispensable in the catering industry. But they are also a must-have at home. Snacks during a birthday, delicious cocktails and in the winter a hot chocolate or breakfast in bed.
And it doesn't matter if you spill, that's what they're made for 😉.
Do you have an ottoman? Place a large platform on top, so you can use it as a kind of coffee table. Trays are not only practical, they are also very decorative. For example, place candles on it, or a vase and a photo frame . And do you want something just a little bit different? Then you can easily put it in another place. Nothing as multifunctional as a tray!

What type of material is suitable for your home? For example , silver-colored metal or gold-colored gives your interior a chic look, while zinc has a sturdy and robust look. A round tray in white or rose-colored metal gives your interior a contemporary look. In addition, metal is a strong material - not unimportant for a tray. Wood with tea lights gives a warm atmosphere. A glass is ideal for serving pastries and other snacks.

So you see, with a tray you can do so much more than just serve drinks! They are multifunctional! Get one today.

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