About us


Nice to meet you here. My name is Patty,
mother of 2. When my children were born, the name for my webshop was also “born.” THIS will be the name of my own company. The idea of ​​having your own webshop became more and more popular. And years later I figured it out, I knew what kind of webshop I wanted to start. I like to change home accessories, with just a little you can do so much in your home. And that is how Lirefi Living came about. A webshop for affordable home accessories!

What can you expect from Lirefi Living? A variable
range of the best brands! Something for every type of interior. Whether you have a country style or bohemian? At Lirefi Living you have come to the right place for all styles. If there isn't something for you right now, please contact me. Who knows, I can still help you with it. I think personal attention is very important. Happy to think along with you. Are you looking for something specific? Then I will look for it for you when I go shopping again. If I see something that I think you would love or that I think suits you, I will ask you if you like it and take it with me.

In addition to personal attention, I also find the environment important. That's why I also donate to Trees for All . They plant trees in the Netherlands and abroad. This is how I try to compensate for the Co2 a bit.

If you have any questions about anything, please contact me. Whether via chat, email or an app. Ask your question and let me think along with you. Oh and I can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Will I talk to you soon?

Dear greetings,


Photo of Patty (owner of Liréfi Living) and the owner working on the laptop.