Would you like to order images for every interior online?

Looking for a beautiful statue for a fair price? At Lirefi Living you will find a varied range of images. From a silver-colored dog to a gold-colored parrot. From Eclectic to Industrial. You will find a real eye-catcher here for every type of living.


Images have been around since humans stopped traveling. This is how it all started with stone circles in prehistory. 3000 years BC. Art objects were already made in the service of the gods. In addition to old and classical materials such as wood, stone and bronze, iron, steel, plastics, scrap metal and other waste are now also used to make sculptures. Each material has a different look, feels different and has different effects on its viewers. Some images can really touch us and trigger something in us. Which images evoke emotions in you?


An image gives a room more character. It not only says something about your taste and what you stand for, but also shows that you pay attention and care for your environment. At Lirefi Living you will find statues made of various materials, from luxurious-looking plastic such as polyresin to sturdy industrial metal. Whether you have a country style or bohemian, at Lirefi Living you have come to the right place for all interior styles. Even an office can get a richer appearance by placing images. It brings that extra bit of creativity and cheerfulness.


The delivery time of the images in this category is 2-3 working days so that you can quickly enjoy your new image. Do you want to decorate your interior even further? Then take a look at our vases , candles , photo frames , plaids and trays . For example, a statue can be given a very nice place on a tray next to one or more candles. Which combinations will you make?