Want to buy photo frames for every interior online?

Do you have a super nice photo and are you looking for a photo frame that really suits it? Then you have come to the right place at Lirefi Living. Here you will always find a varying range of photo frames. Square or rectangular, gold-colored or old silver-colored. Sleek or graceful. A beautiful photo deserves the right photo frame.


The first frames not only served as a beautiful border for a work of art, but also had a practical function. A frame allowed the artwork to breathe without wrinkling. The photo frames were mainly used to decorate the altar in the church. These frames were made from old wooden (church) furniture, so they were already richly decorated.

In the 16th century, lists continued to acquire new types of character. Other materials were also used, such as marble and metal. In the Baroque period, the strict shape of the picture frame was relaxed and new lively shapes could be added to the frame. With such a rich history and influences from different movements, it is not surprising that there are so many different photo frames available. Which type of photo frame would suit your interior style?


Lirefi's photo frames are as diverse as their history. From modern, sleek photo frames to richly decorated classic frames. Not only fun for yourself but also for someone else. The ideal gift is a meaningful photo in a suitable photo frame. Gold or silver colored, you can find it all here.

Complete the picture by placing the photo frame on a decorative/functional tray . Perhaps add another candle and it will brighten up your interior. Did you have a company outing you will never forget? Then remind your colleagues every day by placing a photo of that day in a nice frame in the office. Nice for the canteen, for example.


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