Glass vase, why so popular?

Glass vases are extremely popular, why?

You have so many different types of vases.

But the glass vase is by far the most popular. Logically, they are not only beautiful but also waterproof. Not unimportant ;-). But they are also very fragile. That is why the sturdier version is becoming increasingly popular.

A sturdy glass vase is a vase made of thick and robust glass that is more resistant to impact and breakage.

This vase is ideal for holding flowers and other decorative objects as the glass is sturdy enough to support the weight without breaking. The thick glass ensures that the vase breaks less quickly and is more resistant to damage, such as scratches or cracks, than thinner glass. In general, sturdy glass vases are used for decoration in the home, at weddings or other special occasions. They are available in different sizes, shapes and styles, so you can always find a vase that suits your interior or the occasion for which you want to use it.

If you're looking for a sturdy glass vase, you can look for vase models that are made of thicker glass and have a wider base for extra stability. It is important to know that not all types of glass are the same. For example, crystal glass is often stronger than regular glass.

Sturdy glass vase, petrol-colored clear glass.

Glass types for sturdy vases:

There are different types of glass that can be used to make sturdy glass vases. Below you will find the most common examples of sturdy glass types:

  1. Tempered Glass: Tempered glass is treated with heat and cooling to make it stronger than regular glass. It resists scratches, cracks and other damage, making it a popular choice for sturdy glass vases.

  2. Crystal Glass: Crystal glass is a high-quality type of glass known for its clarity and hardness. It is a popular choice for sturdy glass vases because of its luxurious appearance.

  3. Borosilicate Glass: Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that is resistant to thermal shock and extreme temperatures. It is therefore suitable for use in laboratories and kitchens, but also for sturdy glass vases that must be able to withstand a blow.

  4. Laminated glass: Laminated glass consists of several layers of glass and an intermediate layer of plastic. This provides extra strength and makes the glass less likely to break.

The choice of a particular type of glass depends on the intended use and the desired appearance of the vase. It is always wise to check the specifications of the vase before purchasing to ensure that the glass is sufficiently sturdy for your purposes.

If you are looking for a glass vase that is not only practical but also beautiful, then our tall pink glass vase is perfect for you!

Sturdy glass vase, thick pink glass. With aluminum decoration tree.