How do you create a different Christmas look for less than €150.00?

How do you create a different Christmas look for less than €150.00?

Do you know that? You're tired of your Christmas stuff, every year it's the same. Throwing it away is a shame, because you know how much you have spent. But you really want something different. But how can you go for a different look without spending too much?

Good news! At Lirefi Living you can create a completely different look for less than €150.00! I hear you thinking “what do you get for €150.00 these days? Christmas items are very expensive!” Well, you can get quite a lot for that. You can really create a different look with it. Especially if you also use some of your old Christmas stuff. Because you really don't have to renew everything. A combination of old and new is really nice.

Source Lirefi Living: Atmospheric photo with part of the Christmas range

Here you can see a selection from the Lirefi Living range. You see 5 different articles here. You can still put up or hang up 2 of them after Christmas. How fun is that?!

At the beginning of this blog I said that you can create a new Christmas look for less than €150.00. Below I will explain how you can do that.

Fewer and fewer people are putting up a tree. Yes, a tree is certainly very cozy, but man oh man, it is always a hassle to get everything from the attic, decorate the tree and then bring everything back to the attic. Only to have to do the whole thing again after Christmas. And especially those Christmas lights... no matter how neatly I tidy them up, they still get tangled every year. So I understand the people who choose not to put up a tree. Don't get me wrong, a tree is certainly very cozy. But that's not what this blog is about. This blog is about how you can get a different Christmas look within a smaller budget.

Would you like to do something with Christmas balls? But not in the tree? Then go for our wooden tray and fill it with our super cool Christmas baubles .

Source Lirefi Living: wooden tray with black and white Christmas baubles

Do you really enjoy conviviality and that cozy feeling in your home? Then go for these cool tea light holders . These can also remain in place after Christmas. Whether you go for 2 of the same or 1 of each or even 2 for 2... This is certainly not a bad buy, you can go in any direction with this.

Source Lirefi Living: Black steel tea holders

If you are looking for tealight holders with a real Christmas atmosphere, go for these standards . The combination of wood and metal makes it sturdy. But also very atmospheric because of the Christmas-like details.

To complete it all, you can choose to add a set of porcelain deer heads or opt for the combination of wood and metal. And then choose our wooden Christmas decoration with Christmas tree, star and deer.

These items together can be purchased for less than €150.00 at Lirefi Living . This way you can have a completely different Christmas look in your home for a smaller budget. Completely contemporary, yet timeless. Which is more sustainable. Win, win, win situation if you ask me.