How do you make it more cozy at home on a smaller budget?

How do you make it cozy at home on a smaller budget?

Everyone now knows that everything has become more expensive. Groceries, electricity, gas. What not?! This leaves less budget to spend on fun things.

My advice? Make it cozy and cozy at home. I can hear you thinking, “but then I have to spend money, right?” That's right, but you can make it very cozy at home on a smaller budget. In this blog I will tell you all about this.

I know better than anyone what it's like not to have that much money. I was just divorced, a single mother, worked 4 days a week, but had little to spend. And yet it was nice and cozy at our home. How did I do that? I went to stores with second-hand items, looked for sale items in stores and online. It's that combination of different things that often makes it fun.

Because I know what it's like to have a smaller budget, that's why I want to help you make your home more cozy without spending a lot of money.

First things first, candles! Say your fun, say your candles! At Lirefi Living you will find various candles. But because we are going for a smaller budget, I recommend these:

Costs €6.95, but you do get 7 tea holders with a candle in them. Another advantage of these candles is that when the candle runs out, you can simply put in new tea lights (which you can simply buy in the supermarket or other store). So you will enjoy this for a long time.

Or how about this one:

What makes a house more home than the letters HOME? Well the letters HOME with candles! Costs: €9.95. You can store this anywhere. Also in your display cabinet, because if you put in fake battery-powered candles, you still have cozy candlelight but no fire hazard 😉. So a win-win situation.

For something warm and cozy on the couch, I really recommend this throw:

Costs €29.99, but you get a real quality blanket that the two of you can sit under. Believe me, it works and makes it extra cozy 😉. This plaid is super soft, heavy and large (125 cm by 150 cm). So you can snuggle under it. I always feel a little safer during an exciting movie if I have a blanket around me. And with me many others. That's why you can find a blanket in almost every household these days.

What is also really nice is a glass vase containing, for example, LED lights. Lirefi Living has several vases that are very suitable for this.

This petrol-colored vase is simple yet elegant. Picture this……this vase, with LED lights in it (available at garden centers or stores such as Wibra and Action). Looks super nice. Do you still think it's a bit bare? Put dried flowers in it. I know that dried flowers are very pricey in the store. I know. But did you know that you can easily get dried flowers yourself? Just walk along the road and you will still see dried out Hogweed (once dry it won't hurt your skin) or other dried out flowers. So I also have a big jar full. Just at the end of summer I went cycling along the road with my bike. Bring your bag and garden shears and start cutting. Still stands enough. So live it up 😊. If you are a bit creative, you can also make something yourself to put in it. The internet is full of fun ideas to make yourself. Well, if that's not a money-saving tip, I don't know what is.

Also take a look at the sale page of (select, click on the ctrl key and on the link to

Here you will find all kinds of discounted items. Who knows, you might also find something nice there for your cozy home.

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