Candles and candlesticks for every interior

Because you can never have enough lighting in your home, we have the nicest candles, candlesticks, tea holders, lanterns and lamps in our changing range. From neon color to pastel color. And from sleek to elegant. It is not only functional, it also really adds atmosphere to your home. Place them together on a beautiful tray for an extra decorative look


Candles were once used as necessary lighting. Candlesticks have even been found in Tutankhamun's tomb. The candles of the past most resembled torches, made using tallow or fat. Beeswax candles were introduced in the Middle Ages. These smelled less and burned more evenly. However, these candles were only for the rich. Due to the labor-intensive production, these candles were very expensive.

Did you know that people used to have 12 and 24 hour candles? This showed how much time had passed by means of lines on the candle.

When stearin was discovered in the nineteenth century, candles were introduced that burned longer without an unpleasant odor. Later, paraffin was also used in addition to stearin for making candles. A candle consists of a cotton wick surrounded by stearin, paraffin or a mixture of these. Of course, beeswax or soy wax candles are also available. Do you have a preference?


Even though candles no longer serve as a necessary source of light, many people still like to have them in their homes. Candlelight gives a room a unique atmosphere and warmth. They are not only decorative but also have a magical appeal to us. After all, who hasn't watched a dancing flame for several minutes?


You too can take your interior to a new dimension with one of our candles and candlesticks. Looking for even more warmth and atmosphere? Then take a look at our lovely plaids ! The standard delivery time of our products is 2-3 working days.