What is an industrial look?

What is an industrial look?

The industrial style is the use of robust and raw materials (including old materials such as concrete, brick, steel, leather and wood). An industrial interior also features many functional elements. The industrial interior is characterized by a tough, sober, sleek and clean appearance.

This style has come over from America. Because, just like we are now, they are facing a shortage of housing. There, too, there was a surplus of empty business premises such as factories and schools. So they started using these spaces as living quarters. The industrial interior is inspired by the factory architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The most commonly used colors in an industrial interior are tough colours . Such as gray, brown and black.
The following colors fit perfectly in an industrial interior:

  • White
  • Black.
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Cognac (brown)
  • Taupe
  • Green

Brighter colors are often used for accessories as a contrast. Think of turquoise, yellow, orange or blue. (look for our industrial accessories at www.lirefiliving.nl )

When asked if Industrial is still in fashion, we can say YES. You still see a lot of Industrial looks passing by. It's a style that will never completely go away.

You can not only apply the Industrial style at home, your garden is certainly also suitable for this. You then use a lot of (weathered) wood, boulders, metal and also concrete . The colors black and anthracite are often used in the garden. For example, tables and benches are made from used wood and metal, which you can see in the accessories. Old factory equipment is also often used for this. Like old factory lamps and cupboards. But old school desks and chairs are often used and fit perfectly within a cool industrial style of living .

So you can say that Industrial interior is characterized by the unique combination of materials and colors.

Industrial accessories, black candlesticks, sturdy photo frame, candle in gold-colored bowl and sleek black lantern.

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