What is a bohemian living style?

What is the bohemian style?

The bohemian living style (also called Boho ) is an interior where you combine many colors or can keep it natural but can use many prints, many plants and natural materials. This style sometimes gives you the feeling that you are on vacation or abroad, because oriental influences are also often added.

Where does bohemian style come from?

The most famous story about the Bohemian style is about the Bohemian in France. These were gypsies who did not emulate the culture and norms prevailing in France at the time. They did not go for the materialistic life, but for creativity, individualism and freedom.

Not only the bohemian clothing style is on the rise. The Bohemian design is also an increasingly common concept . Bohemian furniture and accessories are often made of natural materials such as wood and rattan, but jute and seagrass also fit. Rattan sofas or chairs and other furniture fit perfectly with such a colorful interior. Whether you want a Bohemian living room, bathroom or bedroom, you can give every room a Bohemian touch. For example, with Bohemian wall decoration, such as a wall hanging Bohemian or mandala wall-ready, but dream catchers are also a must-have item for the Ibiza variant of the Bohemian style ! You can of course complete your space with striking plants, Bohemian style cushions, the most beautiful gemstones and minerals. (look for our colorful accessories and jewelry at )

With the boho style you can go in all directions and you can go wild with color. Also in your garden.

The bohemian garden style is a distinct style in which natural materials and garden decoration play an important role. The basis of a bohemian garden is laid by furniture made of materials such as bamboo and rattan. With accessories you create that wonderful, typical boho atmosphere. Think of accessories such as lanterns, outdoor rugs and decorative cushions in cheerful prints.

Boho style accessories. Petrol-colored vase, set of pink glass, gold-colored candlestick and boho style beaded bracelets.

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