What is a Botanical interior?

What is a Botanical interior ?

With a botanical interior you can go wild with pots, plants and all shades of green. Blank wood, concrete and aged materials with green accents and plants are a top combination that work well in the home. Tip: keep the basics such as the window frames, floor and doors quiet.

A botanical interior has some similarities with an urban jungle interior, the botanical living trend is also full of plants. However, there are major differences between the living styles. An urban jungle interior mainly consists of industrial accessories, while the characteristics of a botanical interior are more like a Scandinavian interior. The furniture largely determines which interior style you have!

Are you looking for the right accessories ? Choose green! Cushions with green prints or leaves. A floral or jungle themed photo wallpaper. Green is the main feature of a botanical interior . Natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo and leather are also very suitable. A nice rattan (hanging) chair, a jute rug and a wire chair in the corner of the living room will look perfect in your botanical interior . Dark colors often come to the fore, in combination with off-white and various shades of green. A bit sober and minimalistic. Are you looking for something for the wall? Go for a poster. And choose the most beautiful posters of trees, forests or plants. This creates the ultimate botanical atmosphere.

To further style your home, you can opt for glassware. For glassware you can think of a large green vase in combination with different types of smaller green vases. Decorative cushions always work well in a botanical interior , choose green decorative cushions with a gold print or decorative cushions with a floral print. View our range of botanical style vases and cushions.

Botanical style. Green vases in different shapes and sizes. Gold colored cushion with Van Gogh look print.

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