What is an Eclectic interior?

What is an Eclectic interior? What goes with an Eclectic interior?

Eclecticism is the combination of features of different architectural styles or art movements into a whole. The term is also used in other areas.

The term 'eclectic' is increasingly appearing as a description of a living style. Very nice of course, but what exactly does this living style entail? And what requirements should your interior meet?

“The eclecticism living style is built on personality!”

Eclectic interiors are adventurous because of the different materials, colors and structures. The great thing about this living style is that you can start from different interior styles. This living style is also separate from the temporary aspect of trends, which I personally think is very cool!

The accessories that play a major role in eclectic interiors can be anything. An heirloom, that souvenir with many memories or the use of old vases, antique tins or other accessories from second-hand stores, for example, quickly give your interior an eclectic look and therefore radiate personality.

Please note… a random collection of furniture is not immediately eclectic! The entire style revolves around subtly combining modern and old or ethnic furniture pieces with characteristic style elements.

Use of accessories – eye-catchers

Accessories play a leading role in the eclectic interior. This is where you can really bring out your personality. Consider, for example, cushions in different colors and fabrics. Glass vases in all shapes and sizes. With fresh flowers in one vase and dried flowers in the other. Various types of photo frames. Materials that often appear in an eclectic interior are velvet and vintage leather. This is very easy to combine. For example, a leather sofa with velvet cushions and plaids. Or if you have a fabric sofa, use leather in the cushions. But a leather wall panel is certainly also a great idea. Then that is immediately your element of surprise in your home.

Combining modern elements with old objects is really part of this style and cannot be missed if you want to create an eclectic interior.

Eclectic accessories. Photo frames, plaid, pillow, vases. Different colours, materials and shapes.

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