What is a rural interior?

What is a rural interior ?

A rural interior stands for peace and space, where you bring the outside in. You bring rural life into the interior. Nostalgia plays a major role in this type of interior. This also applies to handmade products and to the use of natural materials. Think of linen, wool and cotton.

With a rural interior you go for rustic and therefore a calm appearance. In a rural interior, the furniture mainly has round shapes. For example, the chairs and sofa have rounded armrests and the tables often have round legs. The basic colors are mainly white and various shades of grey. The same goes for shades of brown and taupe. Are the beams in your ceiling visible? Then don't try to fix them up. But leave them as they are, weathered and old. That makes it really rural. Materials that are often used include linen, wool, cotton and coarse fabrics. But leather also fits very well with this. A beautiful wooden floor fits in a rural interior, preferably in the color off white or a more gray tint. You choose a beautiful brick wall and then paint it a white or gray shade. A rural interior is all about the cozy atmosphere. It is an experience, it gives a sense of security. It is one of the most popular styles for the home for a reason.

If you are going for a rural interior , you can go all out with regard to the use of home accessories , preferably lived-in accessories that have a robust shape. Think of woven baskets, glassware, photo frames with an old weathered look. But a beautiful arched vase is also a must. Crochet plaid or a sheepskin over the chair or on the sofa.

You can go in several directions. If you prefer a tougher interior, use more leather and concrete. If you prefer a romantic look, use more linen. Like, for example, a linen armchair. Chandeliers certainly do very well!

Country style. Lanterns in natural tones (white and wood). Tea light set (white and silver). Black set of vases.

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