What belongs to a modern interior?

What belongs to a modern interior ?

A modern interior is mainly characterized by simplicity with clean lines. You also see that the basic colors brown, black, gray and white are often used in the furniture, walls and floors. And on the other hand, a striking color in the decoration and home accessories. Common materials are wood, glass and metal. It radiates tranquility. Because a modern interior is so versatile, you can use it in any room. Bathroom, kitchen, living room and garden.

What can't be missing in a modern interior ? In addition to the basic colors in the furniture, walls, curtains and floors, colorful accessories are a must have. Think of a turquoise vase with bright flowers or a pink wax holder on a tray with different sizes of vases in the same color.

If you would like to combine a style with a modern interior, that is very possible. Classic fits very well here. How do you do this? For example, consider a chandelier. You can't get more classic than that. This way you have a modern style with a nod to the classic.

If you want to decorate your garden in a modern way , use the same colors as you do for the inside. You can very well apply the basic shades of white, black, gray and brown in your garden set. If you want to create cosiness, use several lanterns in different sizes. This not only gives a very atmospheric light, but also a playful effect. Waxine holders or tea lights on the table complete the whole. Especially if they have cheerful colors. To provide that contrast. This way you have a garden with sleek elements with some color, which creates that playful effect. Be calm with the number of accessories that you put in. Less is more in this one.

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