What types of vases are there and what are they used for?

What types of vases are there? And what are they used for?

Vases are made in porcelain, earthenware, crystal and glass. In addition, there are also vases in silver, bronze, stainless steel and cloissoné vases from China.

Vases generally have somewhat the same shape. The foot or base can be spherical or flat. In most vases, the spherical “belly” runs into a narrower neck, which then widens again for the opening.

In the past, a jug (a kind of vase with handles) was used to store oil and flour, among other things. If you often use a vase for gifting, it is called a jug.

Vases are versatile because they come in so many different types, shapes and sizes these days. You can also do a lot with it. Do you want large, long flowers? Then use a tall, slightly flared vase and place it in a corner. Do you want to create a playful effect with a colorful wild bouquet? Then use our vtwonen vase. The golden lid allows you to arrange the flowers in a very playful way. Do you want a vase that you can also use as a lantern, for example? Then our petrol-colored vase from Clayre&Eef is really something for you. Versatile because you can use it as a vase, lantern or simply as a beautiful accessory without anything in it. You also have hanging vases. You can, for example, hang them from the ceiling. Or hang in a stand. Our hanging vase is slightly different. For if you have a small bouquet.

You really have vases in all shapes, sizes, colors and shapes. So ideal to work with. Because you can go in any direction with it. Whether you have small or large bouquets, like to use them as lanterns or don't want to put anything in them at all, but just want to put them down... the vase is "your best friend" in the house. So what are you waiting for? Get one today. At Lirefi Living you will find the most beautiful and nicest vases. Don't forget to also check out our SALE department. We have our vtwonen vases and Clayre&Eef petrol-colored vase on sale

Different types of vases. Petrol color, vtwonen vase with gold-colored lid and hanging vase.

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