Which vase goes with which flowers

Which vase for what type of bouquet of flowers?

There are so many different types of bouquets these days, but which vase suits them? I will explain that to you in this article.

It's your birthday and you received a beautiful bouquet from your best friend. But which vase should you use? For a picking bouquet, the vase can be quite large, but it is important that it has a narrower neck. This way the flowers stay upright. You can't go wrong when choosing a glass vase . This fits in any interior and does not distract from the already busy bouquet. Did you know that the daylight that falls on the stems of a glass vase has a very positive effect on the flowering period?

Did you receive a beautiful rose from your date/partner? The best vase to use is a vase with a narrow neck. Your rose will look beautiful in this.

Are you looking for a suitable vase for your wild bouquet? A sturdy vase with a wider neck would suit this very well. Take our vases from Clayre & Eef for example.

You can also use a small vase for very small bouquets or flowers you pick yourself. Nice to put on a tray with candles and, for example, smaller photo frames. Or are you looking for something slightly different? Then go for a hanging vase, for example.

The trend of this time is really dried flowers. Super fun and very easy to maintain 😉. You can place these in different types of vases. Depending on the size and quantity of flowers. The same recommendations apply to dried flowers as to other flowers. But because dried flowers do not need water, they do not necessarily have to be in a standard vase. You can play with it a bit more. They look great in a ring-shaped vase . There are holes in them where you can insert the flowers.

So you see, a lid fits on every jar. There is a suitable vase for every type of bouquet.

Different types of vases. Green, Petrol, pink and gold.

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