Want to buy vases for every interior online?

Vases in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Green, clear, pink, with a gold-colored edge or processed glass. At Lirefi Living you will find the nicest and most beautiful vases for your home. These are SO beautiful, they also look stunning without flowers in them. Put a candle in it and you have a beautiful mood light. Both will provide extra atmosphere, warmth and color in your home. But a vase is also particularly suitable as a gift for someone else. For example, place it on a tray to complete the whole thing. You could also combine different formats for an extra dynamic and playful effect. Put more flowers in a vase or just one.


A vase is an object that is available in many different variants and shapes. Traditionally, vases are made of ceramic, porcelain or glass, but nowadays there are also vases made of plastic or polyresin. The advantage of these vases is that they break less quickly.

Which vase fits best in your interior? Do you choose a classic hand-painted vase with many playful colors or a sleek modern design? Lirefi Living regularly adds new vases to its range. This way you will always find the right vase for your space. Whether you are looking for a vase for your living room, bedroom, bathroom or office. A vase that matches the decor creates more atmosphere and shows that you pay attention to your surroundings.


Are you looking for more nice items for your interior? Not only a vase gives atmosphere, a plaid also gives extra atmosphere to a house. Do you want to complete your interior? Then take a look at our images . Lirefi Living products are delivered within 2-3 working days.