What do you give someone who already has everything?

What do you give someone as a gift who already has everything?

We all know people who already have everything. Who immediately buy something as soon as they see something. How annoying is that?! What should you give such a person for Sinterklaas or Christmas? We will try to help you with this. Because let's face it, not everyone can be “saved” 😉.

There is a lot to be found online. Not something that necessarily makes your choice easier or anything. CHOICE STRESS!!!! Where do you start watching? Well before you look, think about the person you are looking for. What type is it? Cheerful and exuberant or calm and caring. What does this person like to do in their spare time? Taking photos, doing crafts, cooking or watching a movie. This can help you find the perfect gift.

Nowadays the cameras on mobile phones are so good that you can take beautiful photos yourself. So take a great photo of you and the person together. Why? We already hear you asking. Well, how nice is it to give a nice photo in a very nice photo frame ?! At Lirefi Living we have very nice photo frames. In different shapes and sizes. Such as these stylish and classic frames from Home Society or Clayre&Eef.

Or would you prefer a more exuberant photo frame? Then choose 1 of these lists:

Do you know what really makes a great gift for someone who already has everything and loves cooking? A photo frame with a favorite recipe in it. That fits perfectly into this list:

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There are small corners on the back of the glass plate where you can hang a photo or in this case a recipe. Awesome! And not something that someone has as standard 😉.

If you want to give flowers, but not in the traditional way (so no big bunch of flowers)…….Have we got just the thing for you!

A hanging vase . There's something chemical about it, don't you think? Super fun with a small bouquet of fresh or dried flowers. Then you really give something different. Something few people have. Very original gift, for someone who already has everything.

Speaking or original...how about this quirky candlestick?

Put a twirly candle in it, wrap it with transparent foil, tie a bow and you're done. Special gift. Someone who already has everything certainly doesn't have this 😉.

We hope we have given you some ideas. And that you find the perfect gift for someone who already has everything!

Whatever you want to give, you will find it at www.lirefiliving.nl